Director, PwC Svetovanje d.o.o.

I have been working with Aleksander Cvijić for the last 5 years, being his manager, mentor and the leader of the department he is working in. I have been observing his progress in terms excellent performance and development in his daily activities and in various projects from the associate position up until his current position of manager and digital accelerator.

His resourcefulness is one of his most outstanding virtues and his unmistakable competitive advantage when compared to his colleagues.  He does not only creatively solve problems on projects with innovative approaches, but he also actively employs and promotes the use of innovative tools and programs to the entire team. Aleksander's innovative approach to organizing work has consistently enabled us to achieve desired outcomes on various projects.

In PwC, he is renowned for his expertise in data analytics and process improvements, where he managed to build his personal brand as one of the best in these areas in the SEE region. He is constantly expanding his knowledge base through trainings (project management, agile, etc.) and certifications (digital accelerator, negotiation skills, etc.). Moreover, due to the specifics and requirements of his position, he has developed a mindset of continuous learning as he is consistently striving towards enhancing existing skills and developing new ones.

Outstanding communication skills and the ability to foster business relationships are other noteworthy qualities of Aleksander. His exceptional ability to communicate, both with colleagues and clients, is immensely valuable. This trait coupled with his emotional intelligence and empathy skills has enabled him to become one of the best and most respected mentors in our department. His mentoring ability and willingness to share experiences have been pivotal in the development of younger team members, earning him a reputation as a reliable leader and a person of trust.

Aleksander also excels in project leadership, which he is showing through various initiatives such as his involvement in operationally managing the largest framework contract in Slovenia, leading the largest projects in our department and being actively engaged in business development. Additionally, he is responsible for the recruitment of interns and associates, while also being the ambassador of the consulting department for students of the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

Finally, Aleksander excels in the ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes. Due to the nature of our work, we always have to adapt to various unforeseen circumstances and industry specifics, therefore Aleksander has developed his approach to work to enable a seamless transition from project to project.

Due to the above stated reasons, I believe that Aleksander will be an excellent addition to the AmCham Young Professional group of semi-finalists, where he can further his personal development, share his experiences, and contribute to the diversity and success of the initiative.

For any additional information, I am available and would gladly participate in any discussions regarding Aleksander and his involvement in the next round of this initiative.

I am writing to recommend a work colleague and friend Aleksander Cvijić to be selected as Top potential Young Professional’s 14th generation.

In my capacity as his mentor, I have had the privilege of closely working with Aleksander, and also developed a personal friendship due to his kindness and trustworthiness.

Aleksander is a highly dedicated and conscientious professional with outstanding work habits. He consistently demonstrates exceptional diligence and top-notch work habits in every aspect of his work and personal life. His strong sense of ownership and reliability makes him a valuable asset to any team. He exhibits a remarkable level of structure in his work, especially in handling data, showcasing precision and attention to detail.

Beyond his technical skills, Aleksander stands out for his empathy and commitment to the development of his colleagues. He has unique ability to connect with others, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. His willingness to assist and find solutions, even in the face of significant challenges, speaks volumes about his problem-solving skills and dedication to the success of the team.

In summary, Aleksander is a highly structured, diligent, and empathetic individual with a strong sense of ownership and commitment to his work. Based on my past experience of participating in the AmCham Young Professional Programme (12th generation), as well as the past experience working with Aleksander, I am confident that his exceptional qualities will continue to contribute significantly to the development of the programme in the future.


Supervisor and mentor, Cedars, svetovanje d.o.o.